Protect Your Camera Gear For FREE With Lenstag


Hey guys, Craig McCormick here! Today I wanted to talk to you about an awesome FREE service called Lenstag that I use to register my photography equipment to help protect myself in case any of it ever gets stolen.

In the video I explain what the service is about and I even show you how easy it is to add a piece of gear to your account. It seriously takes less than 2 minutes!

Do yourself, and the photography community as a whole, a favour by visiting and register for a free account and get yourself some protection.

*Also, it feels weird having to say this, but I was NOT paid by Lenstag to promote their service. I just love the 100% FREE service they provide and thought it was worth sharing with you guys :)

Hi there! I’m Craig. I’m an amateur landscape photographer living in Shanghai, China. I’m also a skateboarder, gamer, tech lover & a proud nerd. Hailing from the UK originally, I grew up in Hong Kong and have spent most of my life either living or travelling in Asia. Thanks to my job, I sometimes get to travel around the world and whilst I’m there I try to take pretty pictures. I do this weird thing called YouTube videos. Specifically, the “vlog” type of videos where I film myself when I go out to shoot my photographs. I enjoy it. Other people seem to enjoy it too. If you are the social type, don’t be afraid to say “Hi”. I’ll certainly say “Hi!” back. I like being friendly.

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