Photography Hack: Make Your Own Lightsphere

Here’s how to make a home made version of the Gary Fong Lightsphere on camera flash modifier, which will only cost you around £3. You’ll be amazed at how well it works.

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I fell in love with photography as a kid. My dad had an OM-1 which fascinated me from as young as I can remember. I've always had cameras and taken pictures all my life. I couldn't imagine not doing so. My professional life only really started about 3 years ago as an in-house product and commercial photographer for a company selling electric bicycles here in the UK. I have recently branched out on my own and now shoot my first love which is music as a full time job.

Most of my life revolves around the music industry these days. I am a music photographer and I am in a band called the Hope Brothers. I shoot a lot of other commercial work too and I love it all.

My other big passion is street photography. I have an exhibition this summer called Mill Road Faces in Cambridge, UK where I am from, and where the photos were taken. It is a long term photo story about an area that has a very special vibe to it and some very special people.

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