Inspired Eye Will Rejuvenate Your Love For Photography

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Many photographers I’ve known over the years have become uninspired along their photographic journey, most of them have ended up becoming creatively drained or stuck in a rut somewhere along their way.  So when an exciting photography magazine like Inspired Eye comes along it’s a welcome thing.

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Created by passionate photographers Don Springer and Olivier Duong, Inspired Eye will open the left side of your brain up to a creative visual experience. I personally find the magazine refreshingly new when compared to others out there. With a focus on street photography, documentary photography and travel photography this mag doesn’t discriminate against the amateur photographer. You get to hear their voices and not just the professionals.

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This beautifully designed magazine is now in its twelfth issue, which is available for download here.

Across the 294 pages in this issue you’ll find multiple interviews, an extensive photo essay about the trek of Shepherds in France and a beautiful travel featured about Icebergs, written by David Mantripp, there’s even a mobile photography feature by Dan Cristea.


Also featured in the current issue:

– Interview with Ariel Maccarone
– Interview with Gary Battle
– Interview with Geoff Brown
– Interview with James Maher
– Interview with Maria Kappatou
– Interview with Steve Hathaway

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– Transhumance


– In the Streets with Streetshooter
– Reader’s Gallery
– In the Streets with Streetshooter
– The Inspired Traveler: Icescapes
– The Inspired Cellographer: Dan Cristea

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We’re also excited to say the team at Inspired Eye are now partners with F Stop Lounge. This means we will be featuring every issue here on our site, as well as giving our readers (you) the opportunity to purchase this unique magazine. If you decide on purchasing a subscription or a stand alone copy be sure to click here as you will be supporting us when you do.

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Thank you for showing your support :)


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