Here’s How to Make Yourself a Better Photographer

I want to touch on a couple of things. Photography isn’t for the faint hearted. It’s something that needs constant energy to expand on your knowledge/skills and whether you’re starting a photography business or continuing to grow one there are some fundament things you need to get right.

First, it starts with your attitude. 

Arrogant photographers are ripe in this industry and attitude has a lot to do with it. People DON’T want to hear about how many places you’ve been in the last month, year or lifetime. Many see it from your beautiful photos, so there’s no reason to go out there and explain it in full. Next, listen to those around you. Let them pull your head out of the ego cloud and bring you back to reality. Without them surrounding you, you’ll find you will simply be on your own isolated planet. No one wants to deal with a self obsessed photographer that explains how many deals they’ve landed. Focus on your clients and not your successes!

Be a giver not a taker.

This leads back to the days of biblical principals, you reap what you sow. If you constantly take from your community of clients and don’t give things back then you’ll find your river (cash flow) will become dry. Instead, think about ways you can give back to your clients and community. Maybe teach someone your craft, take them on board for a week and let them shine. Or how about running a portrait session for Help Portrait? It’s these little things you do that the greater community will see. You’ll be known for your kind heart, not your greed for money and trust me when I say the money will flow because of that.

Be yourself not someone else.

Look at yourself in your virtual mirror and think what makes me, me? Let your shooting style define you! Don’t fall into the trap of trying to copy others just because they’re teaching their ways. Create your own path.
I believe once you create your own path success will follow. Become an explorer of a new genre, crown your own ‘Photoshop Land’ and be the King or Queen of your domain. Make it happen, be the best at what you do and you’ll find people will naturally be attracted to you.

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