8 Photography Trends You Should Be Aware of in 2018

Over the past few years, photography has advanced due to the different technologies that have been made available. I have been keenly following different trends in photography and one that has been interesting to me is the way smartphones have helped offer a wide array of photography options.

While reviewing different phones, I have been able to see that more advanced features that support professional photography have been added, and I think this serves to further encourage more people to try their skills in photography. Most importantly, it also in my opinion offers others who cannot afford real photography equipment a platform to showcase and advance their skills.

1. Authenticity in brand communications

I have been considering going into commercial photography and one of the things that held me back was the notion this field is not developed yet. But as it appears, my skills might earn me some good benefits as this is a trend expected to feature in 2018.

Many companies I have interacted with seem to have shifted their photography trends to feature authenticity in brand communications, and this has been seen as a way to reinforce communication through authentic appeals. Unedited versions are seen as more plausible and I think every brand wants to appeal with authority hence the shift.

2. Video grows further

Video is an area I also think will see significant growth and according to interviews I held with different professionals, many clients want to enjoy interactive and engaging content, and video does it perfectly to serve their needs. I expect to see more prominence in video sharing and marketing using such content in 2018.

3. Young photographers to make a mark

When I started out in photography, I did not access the support many are able to get today. But with the advent of different technologies that connect people together, forums that host experienced photographers have continued to grow, so young photographers have a shoulder to lean on whenever they need some support.

I am happy to also note that smartphones have included supportive features that assist upcoming photographers to take their skills to a new level. All the things you need including editing is available on many camera apps on smartphones.

4. Boom in travel photography

If you travel often like I do, you might notice the growing trend in people wanting to document their safaris. I have also been interested in keeping these memories, but unlike in the past, I have a better way to store the memories as I can now immediately upload all the photos I take to Facebook and other social media platforms.

In 2018, the photography scene will see people go into different parts to experiment with their skills. I still don’t think large cities will feature a lot in photos in 2018 as there is this craze to be unique and explore areas that are not popular among photographers, which I think is something that should be encouraged.

5. More paths for creativity

One thing I appreciate about new technology is that it has availed a number of opportunities that one can embrace. Different burgeoning technologies have offered an array of opportunities that as a photographer I can grab. The availability of different tools for photography serves to give me a better opportunity to try some creativity in different paths, so 2018 might be filled with a lot of creative pieces from photographers.

6. Better not bigger cameras

During my first year as a photographer, I thought getting the biggest camera was the best solution to giving me the power to produce high quality photos. What I learnt later is that to become a successful photographer one needs better cameras. And this is something I am seeing coming into the market in 2018 as cameras grow smaller but more powerful. What it means to have such a camera is you will be comfortable carrying it around and is a convenient solution.

7. The gradual extinction of trade shows

Trade shows have been my think for many years, but am worried I might be forced to change my perception. This is because the relevance of trade shows has continued to diminish and as a result these shows have become smaller, so as a photographer who has always fancied tradeshows it has come to my attention that I am looking at a future where I will find no shows to take part in, thanks to the free availability of resources online so there is no convincing reason for people to take part in these shows.

8. Fine art photography

Fine artists are my best lot due to the work they put into the craft. I have on many occasions tried out some fine art and I guess this is one of the most interesting subsets of photography. With digital cameras getting advanced and more ubiquitous, the creativity and art has been infused to assist by adding dramatic twists through the sharing of messages.

D. Scott Carruthers loves photography and has since he was a teenager. He also is a vegan.

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