5 Pieces of Advice You Wish Your Wedding Photographer Shared With You

Hey guys,

So weddings can be stressful right?

Then why not ask for some advice from the people with the most experience on the day?

Here’s five quick tips I give to all my brides during my pre wedding meetings.

Wedding Photography by Will Anlezark


Consider what your preparation locations will be. Most couples like the idea of having at least one of them preparing themselves in the privacy and comfort of their own home. This is fantastic idea and will help to keep a relaxed vibe during the day. I’ve found myself at countless weddings where I’ve turned up at the pre-wedding on to find the house definitely shows all signs of late night shenanigans by the groomsmen. It certainly adds to the fun of the day.

What I would personally suggest to my couples is to pick some nice accommodation close to your wedding ceremony location. The reason I suggest this is when you are paying for the services of a wedding photographer and other vendors such as a videographer your time is money. If you’re paying for a package that has time restrictions (and most do) you don’t want the photographer to be driving around for long periods of time in between locations as it will cost you. Most good photography packages will start around $500 an hour (just for the photographer) and in many cases your home sometimes isn’t the best location due to clutter and untidiness. Paying of a nice room will ensure you get a good location and the shots are clutter free.



This is a big one! Imagine you are walking down the aisle seeing your husbands face light up with excitement, the photographer will be waiting for that precise moment of sheer joy and emotion that enters his face… then when out of no where Uncle Bob lifts his brand new iPad or smart device into the air blocking that one perfect moment.

This  smart device photobombing is a serious issue for many wedding photographers. To overcome this problem  I suggest you get the celebrant to mention the photobomb problem prior to the bride arriving at the ceremony so that all guests present are aware! This is another reason why it’s best to use a professional photographer as they tend to see the potential problems before they arise.


The first moments your guests will remember from your wedding day is the ceremony, so why would you take any less care and thought into hiring your celebrant than your do with your photographer?

I personally love the celebrants that take the time with each bride and groom to find out the intricate details that make each couple different. A prime example of this is a celebrant by the name of Robyn Pattison who has a refreshing and new approach on how ceremonies are conducted. When you get the celebrant right I personally guarantee your guests will remember for years to come.



Photo credit : Rose Jane Photo

It is always exciting for me when I turn up to a preparation and I find out that the bride and groom have exchanged letters before the wedding. These moments should be treasured and captured as you get to interact and record raw emotion at its best. I personally find my couples love this little memory included in their wedding albums alongside their photographs.



There has never been a wedding I’ve attended where everything the bride’s organised has gone to plan.

No matter what happens you cannot let this take control of your wedding day.  If something happened during the preparations you can see that stress flow over into the photo shoot and this will dramatically affect the quality of images and the mood of the bridal party.

Lastly and most importantly, your wedding is about you marrying your best friend and that’s all that really matters on the biggest day of your life.

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