Review: Neewer CN-160 LED Video Light

continuous led video light

The Neewer CN-160 light consists of 160 Daylight balanced LED lights. As the LEDs are all daylight balanced you won’t have to worry about a difference in skin colouration or any other subject. All LEDs are evenly spaced on the front of the video light and a reflective silver surface lies at the base of the lights to help further project stray and reflected light.

When all the LEDs are turned on the result is a even projected light.

continuous led video light

The Neewer CN-160 features a dimmable dial that also operates as the on/off switch. The dial is a smooth operation and at its dimmest point the light projected is still quite bright as shown above.

video light by neewer

The battery compartment at the rear of the Neewer light takes up most of the lights back. The user will have the option to either use a lithium battery (see product link here) or 6x AA Batteries.  I personally opt for the AA Batteries as they are readily available.

Video light by neewer

Also located on the bottom left of the light is battery level indicator. Simply hold down the large TEST button and the LED lights will indicate whether the battery is drained, partially or fully charged.

Video light by neewer

Lastly the CN-160 features a lockable hotshot adaptor and tripod mount. All the user has to do is either mount the unit on either a tripod or on a camera’s hotshot followed by tightening the screw clamp so the unit becomes secure.

Overall the Neewer CN-160 LED Video Light is a good product one of the only down falls is the plastic build quality. When at full brightness the 160 LEDs light up a subject very well, however if you have more than one person I would recommend using multiple CN-160 lights.

The price is cheap as they haven’t included any battery system in the box. My recommendation would be to purchase a rechargeable battery. In summing up I would recommend this product for everyday us as the quality of light produced is perfect for almost all shooting conditions including vlogs,  Google+ Hangouts, production videos and podcasts.

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