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New Sandisk 280MB/s SDHC card

Whenever I receive a product to test I tend to give it a real world beating to see if it holds true to it’s name.

This was the case when SanDisk sent me their new 16GB Extreme Pro UHS II SDHC memory card to use. There’s quite a few different SD cards out there, but this one is by far the best due to its super fast speed of 280MB/second. I’ve never seen or used anything like it.

After photographing a destination wedding at the beautiful Mana Island Resort off the coast of Fiji, I put the new SanDisk SDHC card through some real world disaster holiday scenarios.  The environments ranged from accidentally dropping the card into the ocean for a considerable amount of time through to being x-rayed at the airport.

So did the SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro UHS II (U3) SDHC card survive the onslaught of disasters?

One Comment on “This Is What Happens When You Drown and Run Over a SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC Memory Card

  1. Colin Massey

    I have a question, (which high lights my lack of knowledge). When I download photographs from a memory card, and there is still capacity for the card to store more photographs, and I take more photographs. When I download the new set I’ve taken, will it download the whole contents of the card, whole over again, or will it only download from where I left off?.
    I’d be grateful if one of you knowledgeable people could tell me the answer to my query?