The Reactions You Get When You Tell People You’re a Photographer

General Public: You’re a photographer – that’s cool! What do you photograph?

Photographer: I’m a _______ photographer.

General Public: Oh….

That’s typically the start of the conversation when a photographer explains that they’re a ‘portrait’ or ‘wedding’ photographer. The conversation quickly goes changes pace when you say that you’re….

Wedding Photography

Photographer: I’m a wedding photographer.

General Public: Oh, wow that’s cool my friends getting married next month and she doesn’t have a wedding photographer yet maybe you could come to her wedding and photograph it for her?


Sports Photographer

Photographer: I’m a sports photographer.

General Public: Oh, wow you must have one of those really big lenses. My youngest son plays soccer every Saturday morning. Did you want to come along and photograph his game? It would give you really good practice. You can join us but just don’t photograph the other kids because the other kids’ parents might get upset.


Portrait Photographer

Photographer: I’m a portrait photographer.

General Public: Oh, I bet you couldn’t take a good photo of me? I really need a new family portrait done. Would you be happy to photograph my mothers birthday? The whole family will be there and I really want to get a photographer to come along and take a photo but I don’t know anyone….


Newborn Photogrpaher

Photographer: I’m a newborn photographer.

General Public: Oh, my friends just had a baby and they took some photos on their iPhone but the baby had it’s eyes closed the whole time and the photos didn’t work out. You should give my friend a call. Are you good with kids?


Landscape Photographer

Photographer: I’m a landscape photographer.

General Public: Oh, I’ve heard you need a good megapickle camera for that… I was at the local park and took a photo of the sunset. *Reaches for phone* Look here it is – what’s really weird is when I took it there was a ghost standing there *points to phone*. That patch of light just there…see that? It must be a ghost!


Commercial Photographer

Photographer: I’m a commercial photographer.

General Public: Oh, wow you must be really successful! My friend is starting their online business and they’re looking for someone to take photos of the products to put on their website. Have you ever taken photos of clothes before?

I’ll put you in touch with them. They’re looking to start in around a year or so.


Wildlife Photographer

Photographer: I’m a wildlife photographer.

General Public: Oh, cute! I love animals! Will you come and photograph my kitten?


Food Photographer

Photographer: I’m a food photographer.

General Public: Oh, sweet! I love food. I took some Instagram photos of this amazing meal I had…what was the place again *looks at partner*, anyway check this out *looks at phone* it got 15 likes on Instagram. What do you think?


As you can see the general public are typically in tune with what you do, so the moral of the story is: don’t limit yourself.

NEVER tell someone that you’re a _______ photographer.

Instead just use the words “I’m a photographer” and think about charging them double because you can photograph everything.




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