SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Why bother with photography?

You are a photographer right? 

Why bother?

You should be looking past the creative stimulus that follows when you take the photo and ask yourself why you are capturing images. Ask yourself why do you bother with photography?

It is a question not many photographers ask themselves. For instance you can most likely explain to someone why you capture photos, but can you actually explain to people what you do with the photos once you have taken them?

Yeah, you probably can, but what is the aim?

Is the aim to take a photo and post it on social media to obtain likes?

Surely not! 

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Why would you bother doing that? Shouldn’t your mindset be altered if you’re actually a photographer?

Shouldn’t the reason you pick up the camera be to make money from it?

Shut the front door! GET OUT!

Making money! Who would have thought!

That’s right photography can be about making money. But does it have to be in order to be successful?

For instance, do you take a photo knowing the end goal? 

Selling the photo as stock photography, to a wedding client or even real estate – the list goes on. They are all great ways of making money, but when it comes down to it is taking the photo really worth it?

Should you be even bothered to go out, waste your time and deal with people?

Who am I kidding! 

Of course you should!


…and this is probably the article that you need to read to get you back out there, in your game, out of your rut and into your element. Make the waves sing, feel the emotion in a captured smile and even bring that room to life. No matter what you do pursue your photography and be sure that you do it the best – better than anyone. Because if you do, not only will you feel accomplished, but you will feel enthralled by the wisdom and passion you instil in others to follow suit. 


You can create a moment, a single image that captures the world the way you see it. It could be iconic – and that is why you’re a photographer and they aren’t. You’re not in it for the money – hey you weren’t when you started. You followed your dream, you’re a creative with a desire to see through the viewfinder. There’s no one like you, there’s no one that sees like you do, so follow your passion, be creative and let your world unfold before you. Capture each step and you’ll paint your own path. 

Photography is worth it so don’t listen to the people who ‘SHUT THE FRONT DOOR’ on you. Keep at it and you will go far.


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