Photographer Captures 360 Degree Night Sky Time Lapse

There seems to be no shortage of epic night sky time lapse videos to be seen on the internet at the moment, many of them are exceptionally well produced as well. Every now and then though, something fresh and exciting is created and a new technique is used. Photographer Vincent Brady has created something very unique, using 4 dSLR bodies with fish eye lenses on a specially made mount, the results are quite incredible. It is a full 360 degree view of the night sky in some awesome locations:

Anyone who has undertaken a night sky time lapse project will know that it involves many sleepless nights in strange locations and hours of post-processing to put it all together, Vincent’s project takes that and then multiplies it by 4! The cameras are typically set up for 2-3 hours per clip, producing 1-200 photos from each camera, then the real work begins.

Photo by Vincent Brady
Photo by Vincent Brady

Each frame of the video is 4 photos processed in StarStax, manually stitched together in PTGui Pro and then tweaked in Photoshop, a laborious and time consuming process.

Make sure you visit Vincent’s website where he explains more about his process and features some images, which are available to purchase.

Image Credits – Vincent Brady


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Paul Pichugin is a passionate travel, landscape & commercial photographer based in Western Australia.
His award winning work has been published internationally and his limited edition prints attract discerning private collectors. Paul can be reached on various social platforms with Google+ being his main point of contact.

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