Photographer Burns His $8000 Photos

Chris McCaw

San Francisco based photographer Chris McCaw has coined the word “sunburn” after he has mastered a new way of capturing a photo. The process has taken him on a ten-year journey through the Artic Circle to the Galapagos on a quest to capture the unique image.

His sunburn approach involves taking a single long exposure while simultaneously allowing the sun to destruct the very image he is trying to capture. The destruction on the image occurs when the path of the sun is burned into the photographic paper inside the camera. Chris says he is, “using the lens like you use a magnifying glass to burn a leaf or dry grass.”

Sunburned 001

Sunburned GSP#142(Pacific Ocean), 2007. 11″x14″ unique gelatin silver paper negative – private collection

The results of his images are certainly different but are described as groundbreaking by many museums and art lovers. Some of his work like the examples below can fetch between $4000 to $8000 US dollars.

Sunburned 002

Sunburned GSP#39(Bay Bridge East Span ), 2006. 8″x10″ unique gelatin silver paper negative – private collection

If you are interested in Chris’s work he has published a book which you can find here.

To see more of Chris’s work visit his website here.

About Chris McCaw

Chris McCaw’s photography is represented in many notable public and private collections including: George Eastman House International Museum of Photography, Rochester, New York; Museum of Fine Arts Houston, Houston, Texas; The New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, New York; Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Victoria and Albert Museum, London, England; Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California. McCaw has also received a New Works Grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation in 2008.


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