Miss Aniela Achieves Spell Binding Results with the Nikon D810

Nikon Europe have unveiled their behind the scenes film promoting their newly announced Nikon D810.



Together with producer and technical partner, Matthew Leonard, Natalie Dybisz from Miss Aniela Photography creates stunning works of art, which are derived from imagination and story telling. In the photography shoot, which forms part of the Nikon D810 brochure, this self titled fine art and fashion photographer explores colour, outfit and location. The brief of the project was to create a fantasy shoot with no Photoshop, everything had to be created ‘in camera’.


Aynhoe Park, located in the heart of the Cotswolds formed the location and backdrop of this unique commissioned shoot.

Dybisz writes,

‘We had an illustrator promptly sketch each scenario before the weeks of production planning and model casting began. Shipping in green silk from India, a redhead from Germany, French furniture from the local village, and recruiting our neighbours to build a plywood bedroom wall along with a team of divers to get it into place; hairstylist Tati Zarubova who’s long worked on our London shoots, Elbie van Eeden for makeup, our trusty assistants Tim and Bernard, and Johnathan Clover for extra BTS. From the start we knew stylist Leonid Gurevich’s colourful imagination was the one for the job, so we flew him and his assisting sister Marina from NY to bring our mermaid, sleeping beauty and white witch to life. Staying over with us to enjoy the environs of rural Kent, naturally, so I could make him wear my dressing gown and brew them both lavender tea nightly.’


Dybisz goes on to explains her relationship with the flagship camera during the shoot, ‘working with the D810 was just brilliant, especially with so many props, fabrics and styling going on in the pictures. The sharpness and detail really comes through in the images I’ve shot, particularly in a colourful vibrant situation’.

There was also a second video produced which delves into more detail about the technical side if you’re interested.

To hear the full story and see some more images from the ‘White Witch Awakening’ shoot head over to Natalie’s blog here.

Image and text credits: Miss Aniela Photography


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