Author: Luke Alcorn

For the last 6 yrs I have been living in my bus exploring this beautiful country of ours, surfing, fishing and of course loving my photography. Every day or so for the last year, I have been capturing images on my travels and sending them via sms to family and friends from all around Australia and even some overseas. Through word of mouth and the people I have met on the road my sms list had grown to just under 200 people. So as you can imagine the old texting thing was starting to become expensive and also a bit of a pain the bum, only because sometimes it could take up to an hour, even more, depending on my location, reception, and what ever else was going on in the airwaves???? People kept telling me about the social media thing and suggested that I check it out. But I was still a cave man back then, not in the loop with all the amazing technology that we have out there and I guess a bit cautious of the whole net thing, but I kept getting told, social media, its the way to go. So here I am, checking it out, and yes I'm quiet impressed, so thanks alot guys. Anyway my future plan is too just keep doing what I love and keep exploring our amazing country capturing moments that to me and hopefully you are both beautiful and inspiring and to connect with people through my images so that you may feel and see what I get to experience everyday, also to show how fortunate we are to have such an awesome backyard to explore I guess in a way the big picture of what im doing is to inspire people to chase there dreams and do what they love to do. If i can do it , you can do it too !!!!!!! cya on the road