Lee Herbet was born in the Middle East, grew up in Africa, lived in Europe, New Zealand and now calls Australia home. Lee is a trainer, videographer and photographer. Lee worked in the Apple world for 10 years as a trainer, which was a great place to feed his creative spark. He now has his own company creating corporate videos and running workshops around the world on photography and video production.

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December, 2016
  • Nebula 4100 Lite First Look

    The first 3-axis gimbal I bought was the . That thing was like a comfortable teddy bear that I took ...

June, 2016May, 2016
  • Telling a story with video

    I’ve been editing video for many years now and I’ve been teaching for almost 10 years, yet creating ...

March, 2016February, 2016
  • Ledgo Luxpad 43 Review

    Those who know me, know that I have a bit of a thing for lights. Whenever there is some new idea or ...

December, 2015October, 2015September, 2015
  • Promise Pegasus2 M4 Review

    AWS.InvalidParameterValue: B00JXQ3UBI is not a valid value for ItemId. Please change this value and ...

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