Featured Photographer – Blake Robertson


Tell us about yourself. When did you first start in photography and what other things do you enjoy doing apart from photography?

I was born in the city of Auckland, nestled on the north island of New Zealand. At the age of 9, I moved with my family to Queensland, Australia and have been here since.

From a young age, I always had a creative spark. I didn’t spend my time playing football, or tag with friends in my neighborhood, I was hunkered down somewhere, sketching, drawing a cartoon, colouring or letting my imagination run wild.

As I grew up, i saved my money and purchased my very first camera. It was a 3 megapixel Olympus point and shoot. It wasn’t great, but it was my very first step to becoming the photographer I wanted to be. I started seeing things more clearly. Colour. Composition. Tonality. Shapes. Light.

Eventually, I got rid of the Olympus and moved into the DSLR world, with a Canon 350D. It was a fantastic camera at the time, and an affordable one at that. I moved in a different direction to my normal comfort zone and started taking photos of people. This led me to start shooting model portfolios for freelance models. From here, my skills grew and I started covering runway shows for low-key fashion events. I continued to feel my way through different genres until I found something that really captured my interest and immersed me into the photography that I was so passionate about. Commercial, advertising and product photography.

Nowadays, I shoot products for clients both nationally and internationally. I work with clients on their marketing and advertising campaigns to deliver images that help their brand shine, drive revenue to the business and ultimately assist in the conversion of sales through photography.

Looking ahead, I see myself growing even further as a commercial photographer and really defining a style that is truly my own. Larger international campaigns are definitely something i’m working towards.


What is your camera and brand of choice? Why do you use it and what do you most like about the product and brand?

Two bodies: Canon 5DSR and Canon 6D.


  • Canon 17-40mm f/4 – for Landscape, Interior and Architecture
  • Canon 50mm f/1.4 – For everyday portraits
  • Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 VI DC
  • Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro – Workhorse for product photography


  • Elinchrom – Assortment of ELC Pro Flash heads, 500/1000
  • Elinchrom Modifiers – Strip boxes, Octaboxes, Square Softboxes, Beauty Dishes


2x Manfrotto Tripods the 058B w/ 450 geared head for use in studio

Backdrops and Accessories

  • Savage paper rolls for Backdrops
  • Lastolite Hi-lite for quick on location setups
  • Many, Many diffusers.


What’s your gear wish list look like?

  • Medium format for studio work – Hasselblad or Phaseone.
  • Full Broncolor Lighting Setup
  • Canon 90mm TS/E Tilt/Shift

We’re all on social media these days, but which one do you use?

Instagram – It’s a great way to engage with professionals and consumers alike. It’s quick, straight to the point and there are many, many marketing opportunities, especially for a photographer.


Whose work or personality really inspires you to go out and take photos?

When was your favourite moment? What happened? Did you manage to take a photo or experience something? Tell us about it.

Although this may sound cliché – my favourite moment in photography is hearing about the success of my clients’ marketing and campaigns. I strive to deliver my clients with high quality image that nails the brief, and when it pays off – that’s worth more than money to me.


We’ve all been there, but when was the last time you had a bad day? What happened?

I can’t recall a particularly bad day as a photographer, but there are always those little nuances that cause frustration – especially in the heat of an assignment. Things like realizing settings had been wrong, maybe your focus had been off. Bulbs blowing in your flash heads, forgetting to charge batteries, running out of storage, shooting without tethering only to find the image at 100% isn’t tack sharp. I’m sure many can relate!

If you could go anywhere in the world to take photographs where would you go? Does this place have any significant meaning to you?

Iceland. The landscape in Iceland is truly magical. From the eerily blue ice, through to the volcanic hills – Landscapes are one of my favourite things to shoot outside of the studio, and Iceland is definitely one of the places I need to visit and photograph.


Last book read? Well it could be a magazine, ebook or any other written form, but what was the book about? Would you recommend it?

Hah – a bit of a strange one; but “Simple Hacks to Upgrade Your Body” by Dave Asprey and Vishen Lakhiani.

It essentially delves into hacking your body, improving cognitive function and general well being by doing things like meditating. These particular guys cover all sorts of topics from health, fitness, exercise, stress and mental clarity.

I think mental clarity, fitness, cognitive function, memory and alertness is absolutely related to my job as a photographer. You simply cannot perform when you’re run down, fatigued and tired. You need to be at your best!


Coffee or tea of choice? Spill the beans we want to know!

I must admit, I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but I do enjoy a good cup of tea. We have a store here in Australia called T2. It’s a store full of tea. different varieties, blends, strengths, tastes. One of my personal favorites is a blend they have called “Gorgeous Geisha“.

Food of choice?

Heck, where do I even begin. I absolutely adore seafood, but you really can’t beat a marbled cut of sirloin beef. Generously seasoned, grilled over high heat until medium-rare and served with a side of golden thick cut steak fries, a fresh garden salad, and a rich creamy garlic sauce.


Finally any advice to others? Everyone has a little bit of advice to give, so what is it?

Practice your craft every day. Learn every day. Market yourself. There are infinite materials available to you free that you can read, watch, listen or use to improve on your skills.

To see more of Blake Robertson photography visit his website, Facebook or Instagram. If you would like to become a featured photographer on F Stop Lounge get in touch with us here.

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