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Architectural photographer Philip Gunkel has been showcasing his work to clients and the internet for a number of years now. Born in 1986, Gunkel has been photographing architecture, landscape and commercial in his home country of Germany and, in his latest series he photographs the Phaeno Science Centre, built in Wolfsburg, Germany by well know architect Zaha Hadid.


“I always wanted to shoot one of her buildings and it was simply awesome to do so finally. I love the overall concept of this building with its raw and almost bulky concrete structure, that nevertheless has a super-dynamic and almost lightweight look because it is built on large pillars and seems to hover slightly above the city”.

The series of wide angle photographs certainly captures the beauty of modern building design, and what’s interesting to see is the strong architectural shapes photographed at different times of day. The lighting work here is definitely brilliant.


“In contrast to most other concrete buildings we see daily, the extravagant forms and cutted out elements of the Phaeno, especially on the inside, give it a very modern, almost futuristic look and are totally appealing to photograph for sure. The building integrates really well in to the center of Wolfsburg city and especially the underpass which opens the main train station to the center underlines impressively that the urban planning of the building was well thought too”.







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