It’s Time You Went on Holiday – To Venice and the Magic of the Carnival

Imagine yourself looking through your lens at the picturesque canals and architecture of Venice.


Sounds like a dream right?

For many this dream has already come true, the iconic travel photos anoint the walls in their houses and offices, but for others, their traveling journey is yet to become a reality….

‘Why wait’ we say?

The time is now – Carpe diem – seize the day!

Traveling around the globe to a different city is an experience in itself, but have you ever searched or even considered a photo tour rather than a photo workshop?

Think about this, what if you were to go to a wonder of the world, like Venice during the Carnival, and explore the unknown locations and local people that only the experienced photography guides know about?

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Photography is much more than taking pictures it’s about experiencing the ‘joy of photography’ and learning about how to portray your emotion in the photos you capture. It’s about learning from the best and letting the experiences themselves create everlasting memories through your photography.

Here at F Stop Lounge we believe in this philosophy so much, which is why last year we organized the Fiji Photography Workshop. Early next year we want to continue our extended learning by inviting our friends, Ugo Cei and Robin Yong at Mediterranean Photo Tours to take you on an incredible five-day journey to Venice and the Magic of the Carnival.


Across the 15th through to the 20th of February 2017,  the team handcrafted an unique itinerary to suit photographers and travelers of all experiences. Some of the highlights include:

  • Private shooting sessions with the best masked models of the Carnival.
  • Exclusive access to rooms and halls with exquisite furniture and decorations.
  • A gondola ride with masked models, where everyone gets plenty of time on the boat, not just a few minutes.
  • Photo tours of the most picturesque Venetian locations.
  • A trip to the multicoloured island of Burano.
  • Individual and group sessions of critique and post-processing.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

To find out more about this exciting trip that’s filled full of photography and traveling, visit our friends over on the tour website where you can learn more.




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