Featured Photographer – Soon Ling Wei

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Tell us about yourself. When did you first start in photography and what other things do you enjoy doing apart from photography?

I am currently 19 years young and I aspire to become a photojournalist, travelling the world, visiting new places and meeting new faces in search of inspiring stories to tell. Born and raised in Singapore, I only got interested in photography through my travels, especially around the rural regions of Asia – from the hill villages of northern Thailand to the colourful tribal markets of Vietnam and the majestic mountains of the Himalayas. My dream now is to explore South Asia more, with India topping that list.


What is your camera and brand of choice? Why do you use it and what do you most like about the product and brand?

I don’t really love camera equipment – I use a simple Nikon L820 and edit using online software.

We’re all on social media these days, but which one do you use?

Instagram – @restlessearthling, super simple & everyone’s on it now.


Whose work or personality really inspires you to go out and take photos? How did you first come across their work?

Definitely Steve McCurry – came across him through National Geographic and bought his book, and am constantly in awe of his photography. David Lanzar’s pretty great too.

When was your favourite moment? What happened? Did you manage to take a photo or experience something? Tell us about it.

When I took my favourite shot in Chiangrai, Thailand of a mother and daughter of the Akha tribe.


If you could go anywhere in the world to take photographs where would you go? Does this place have any significant meaning to you?

India – as seen from McCurry’s images, it is a fascinating country that’s so visually stunning, colourful and diverse.


Last book read? Well it could be a magazine, ebook or any other written form, but what was the book about? Would you recommend it?

I’m currently reading Steve McCurry’s the Untold Stories behind the Photographs where he explains the stories behind some of his most famous works – truly inspirational.


Coffee or tea of choice? Spill the beans we want to know!

Vietnamese coffee is one of my favourites.

Food of choice?

I’ll still stick to Singaporean food – nothing can beat that.


Finally any advice to others? Everyone has a little bit of advice to give, so what is it?

I’m still 19 – I should be receiving advice rather than giving it.


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