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When looking through your camera settings you’re bound to come across the black and white mode (or even in the new Fujifilm X-Pro2 the amazing ACROS Film Simulation). Even in post processing a similar B&W mode can be found, but there comes a point in time when you have to ask yourself the question – will you ever record or save your photos in black and white? What’s the point?

Well the short answer is there is a point! The main reason we say you should capture more photos in black and white has just announced. It’s called La Noir Image and it’s the brainchild of our friends over at The Phoblographer.

Let us introduce you to Chris, the guy with the idea to create a dedicated place for contemporary black and white photos…

La Noir Image, is going to be an interactive magazine deigned for the iPad (and your other favourite Apple products) and will showcase featured photographers, photo essays, tutorials on black and white, video content and will challenge photographers to interpret their portfolio in a new way.

This project sounds good in pixels and words, but to become a reality, La Noir Image needs your help. So, instead of buying another roll of film, purchasing another memory card, going on another photography trip or buying a new piece of gear – why not delay it and put some of your funds to a great cause.