Featured Photographer – Chris Howlett

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Tell us about yourself. When did you first start in photography and what other things do you enjoy doing apart from photography?

Hi, I’m Chris Howlett, I have been working in professional photographic studios in London for over 10 years within portrait, fashion and product photography. Most recently as photography manager for Selfridges and currently a photographer at RGBdigital based in East London

Currently I would describe myself as an advertising product photographer however I am equally at home with fashion and enjoy the differences each discipline demands. I try to approach my photography with a clear creative direction, drawing on knowledge and experience. The ability to be able to adapt to each job is crucial as working with different clients’ briefs requires different approaches. I am driven by success, with a passion for quality and creativity.


What is your camera and brand of choice? Why do you use it and what do you most like about the product and brand?

I use three cameras. The first is the Contax 645 with a Leaf Aptus 75s, this is a beautiful lens and is great for studio photography.
For larger prints and billboards the Phase One 645 with IQ180 is my choice. Lastly the Sony A7 MK II is great for video and hand held photography.


What’s your favourite lens?

Contax 645 120mm F4 Carl Zeiss APO Makro Planar T

We’re all on social media these days, but which one do you use?

Linkedin because you can really target professionals and not feel like your spamming!

Whose work or personality really inspires you to go out and take photos? How did you first come across their work?

Sebastião Salgado and David LaChapelle

When was your favourite moment? What happened? Did you manage to take a photo or experience something? Tell us about it.

I have had many favourite moments from shooting large families and portraits to seeing my work in print for the first time.


We’ve all been there, but when was the last time you had a bad day? What happened?

Trying to squeeze most of my photography equipment for a shoot at the top of Harvey Nichols shop in London, just to shoot a few products. It’s a very small space on the top floor with no lift, phew i’m tired just thinking about it!


If you could go anywhere in the world to take photographs where would you go? Does this place have any significant meaning to you?

Trindad, been there on holiday there and just waiting for the right job to take me there again.

Last book read? Well it could be a magazine, ebook or any other written form, but what was the book about? Would you recommend it?

Phillip Pullmans His Dark Materials trillogy. Great series of books that you can get lost in for days.

Coffee or tea of choice? Spill the beans we want to know!

Gutemalan coffee is the best

Food of choice?

BBQ meat is my favourite maybe with a spicy sauce.


Finally any advice to others? Everyone has a little bit of advice to give, so what is it?

Follow your passion, don’t give up and help others to achieve greatness.


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Website: http://www.howlettphoto.com/
Blog: http://www.howlettphoto.com/blog
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/howlettphoto
Twitter: https://twitter.com/howlettphoto
Pintrest: https://uk.pinterest.com/howlettphoto/
Linkedin: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/chrishowlettphotography

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