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Von Wong - Surreal Storm Chasing Portraits

When Benjamin Von Wong isn’t teaching at a workshop in Fiji, he’s more than likely doing something epic in the world. In his latest published work, Von Wong chases extreme weather on the Great Plains, east of the Rocky Mountains in the United States and Canada. The concept was simple, photograph everyday people doing every day things against a stormy backdrop with the mindset to bring awareness to Climate Change and a documentary called Cowspiracy. However, knowing Von Wong’s approach on things a simple concept is never easy to produce.

Reaching out to his friends and Facebook Fans this master photographer orchestrated a convoy of vehicles and equipment in preparation for the shoot. All that was missing was the knowledge and expertise for obtaining the perfect backdrop… aka the perfect storm.

Vacation - Von Wong - Surreal Storm Chasing Portraits

Fortunately for Von Wong, Kelly Delay, a renowned weather and environmental photographer was several clicks away on the interwebs. After an initial contact and pitch for the project things were well on their way to capture the environmental project, all that was left to do was plan and obtain someone daring enough to film the proceeding events.

Von Wong - Surreal Storm Chasing Portraits- LevelUp

Von Wong - Surreal Storm Chasing Portraits- Wear

With long 8 hour working days and unpredictable storms moving at 30 mph (48 kph) getting into an unknown location was a challenge. Finding the right road and setting up talent and props in a safe location all added to the mix of obtaining the best shot. Timing was everything as the crew only had 15 minutes from set up to pack up before the storm arrived. Fortunately the crew of volunteers had access to a prop house on wheels in the form of an ambulance supplied by Von Wong fan Ryan Zimmerman. Not only did it serve as a transportation vehicle, but it really did make some of the behind the scenes shots quite epic!





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