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This is the last of four interviews with some of the staff who call ImageBrief their 9-5. Throughout this series, I wanted to find out what it’s like to work for a company that’s leading the way when it comes to connecting photographers and clients. In this interview, Jacob Pastrovich writes about his role as the ImageBrief Community Manager and the path that led him there.

JacobJacob Pastrovich, ImageBrief Community Manager

Leigh Diprose: What got you started in photography?

Jacob Pastrovich: Funny enough, I was given a camera by my Algebra teacher in high school (we didn’t have any sort of photography classes) and a friend would take me out and show me how to shoot—she taught me about aperture, depth of field, ISO, shutter speed, and all this was in the days of film. I loved getting the drugstore prints back to see what I did wrong. Fast forward past college, I was the photo editor for an online magazine I was helping run in Budapest, then moved to Philadelphia to run the education program and conference at a photo resource center in Philadelphia. From there I moved to New York to run the New York Photo Festival, and now I’m kickin’ it at ImageBrief.

Leigh Diprose: What’s the best part of your Community Manager role at ImageBrief?

Jacob Pastrovich: One of the most exciting things is to see photographers benefiting from ImageBrief. Whether that’s making a sale, getting contacted by a buyer about doing a shoot, or just seeing them get some exposure from the platform. Photography is changing so quickly, especially the way photographers are monetizing their business, so it’s pretty awesome to be able to help them do that.

Leigh Diprose: If someone is starting out as a photographer and they are wanting to join ImageBrief can you give them some tips on how to be successful?

Jacob Pastrovich: I would say the biggest thing is to pay attention to what buyers are purchasing, both on ImageBrief and in ad campaigns and what brands are putting on social media. Photographers always need to stay on top of trends and shoot what buyers are after. Once you have a nice pool of images, you’ll be able to answer briefs, submit to the Marketplace, and have a killer portfolio. The biggest thing is to always be shooting and adding to your library of images, never rest on your laurels. Oh, and check out our Photographer Success Guide.

Leigh Diprose: Considering your history with photography, why do you think a photographer should join ImageBrief?

Jacob Pastrovich: Well, for one, our product team is absolutely killing it when it comes to adding new feature to ImageBrief, both for the buyer and photographer. I don’t know of any other site like ours that allows for such open communication between buyers and photographers. Nor is there a site that has all three aspects: a Marketplace, a briefing platform, and a photographer directory that allows buyers to find and hire a photographer directly. The industry has changed and is changing day-by-day and we’re keeping up with that while also helping our photographers do the same. As a photographer, if you want to stay one step ahead of the game, I’d suggest having an account with us.

Thanks for answering those questions Jacob! If you’re interested in joining ImageBrief then make sure you sign up for free today.