The State of Mirrorless, Ep. 027 – Erika Thornes

We’ve been absent for a while and have not published new episodes of The State of Mirrorless in the last couple of months. We’ll put the blame on vacations, travel and a huge workload, but what matters is that we’re finally back with a number of regular new episodes that should keep you busy for a while.

This week, Ugo interviews Erika Thornes, a San Diego photographer who spends countless evenings at the beach. She captures life as it unfolds, especially near the water, above or below. She has been recognized as a leader in silhouette photography, teaching others how to convey emotion and a story through their images. Erika is a contributor to The Photoshop Show, as well as This Week in Photo, and was the featured gallery artist for the Google+ Moment that Matter gallery show in San Francisco.

We talked with Erika about her choice of equipment and techniques for underwater photography. Enjoy!

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