Time Lapse SA – On Location In Karoo

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A few years ago, I wrote about the journey of Joe & Jonelle Louw and their mission to film a time lapse at Karoo, in the Victoria West (De Aar) area. Since then earlier this year it seems Joe and his wife Jonelle have revisited this harsh, remote environment.

Taking their beloved ‘Landy’ the duo set out with their first story board in hand to try and capture the images that would make up their next film.

Being a remote location, they had to think of everything to be sustainable for the long duration away from civilisation and it was this prep that so far has seen them succeed.

“We got rained on, sunburnt, nearly dehydrated from facing the extreme heat, sleep deprived and even freezing cold!”

Time Lapse SA 051

The filming equipment they took with them included a Canon 5D Mark III, Sony a7, an assortment of Zeiss glass, Benro tripods, Shukuma Pro Dolly, eMotino TB3 and a Ramper Pro. All the gear was protected by a stack of Pelican cases and batteries were charged on location via solar panels.

With temperatures reaching a daily average of 35-40 degrees Celsis, the pair went through around 12 litres of water a day to keep their bodies hydrated. On one occasion the team share,

“With the heatwave that came through, temperatures rose to 47 degrees!! Yes!! Celsius. On top of this most days would be accompanied by a typical Karoo wind. Karoo wind = strong wind!! And gust winds, powerful gust winds too. Possibly due to the heatwave, the wind was often very hot so it wouldn’t even help to cool you down… The night temperatures were generally very pleasant with cooler more comfortable temperatures. Sleeping in a tent doesn’t keep you warm, it just keeps the wind out and obviously the rain. Take note that January is peak summer time in the Karoo with plenty of opportunities for thunderstorms! There are more pleasant times to visit the Karoo though. It all depends what you’re there for.”

Time Lapse 052

From what I can read the environment would have been quite tough on them and the gear they used. With the short bucket showers, no ablutions and dry, hot constant heat this road trip certainly would have been a harsh wake up call! However saying that they still say, “How blessed are we to be able to see, smell, feel, hear and experience everything that nature has to offer! To be able and abled to walk around, climb up koppies and hills and just take it all in. The presence of the Almighty God is so overwhelming! There is absolutely no way to doubt that He is the Creator of all!”

Timelapse SA 054

Personally from sitting in front of a screen it’s hard to imagine the situation they put themselves in to get the footage that we’ll get to see in the final film. I’m certainly looking forward to their next feature, and in the meantime I’m keeping up with their adventures and behind the scenes via their welcoming Instagram account.

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