Philosopher With a Camera: Chuck Jines Full Interview

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Chuck Jines is a Chicago based street and social documentary photographer. His long term projects Alley Boys and Heroin: A Love / Hate Relationship have won him international acclaim and he’s been published in the Guardian and featured on the BBC.
Despite being what many would call the consummate photographer, both in skills and proliferation, he doesn’t label himself in this way at all.

For Chuck it’s the underlying philosophy that is more important than the medium he uses to express it. He sees the world as going through what Nietzsche described as the Last Man; wallowing in mediocrity and laziness while society itself crumbles. His mission is to document this. He is unflinching in the subject matter he tackles, but compassionate with it. He identifies himself with Don McCullin and the link is clear to dee. McCullin was also seen as the ‘compassionate war photographer’, doing what needed to be done, and making it aesthetically beautiful so people would see it, but never as art for ‘art’s sake. What he documented was real, and unwaveringly so. The horrors and tragedies that Chuck has seen and documented and the love he has for the people he photographs are apparent in equal measure.

Chuck’s website is here

His YouTube channel isĀ here