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Over the next week I want to share with you some interviews with photographers who are friends with me on Facebook.

Rather than constantly seeing their photos and bombarding them with likes, I thought it would be a great idea to showcase some of their work and find out a little more about the photographer and person behind the images that constantly show on my Facebook feed.

As I publish more interviews be sure to check other interviews out, I’ll link to them at the bottom of this article.


Who is Nicola Davison Reed?

NDR is a life chaser :- photographer & mother & wife & i like to think a good friend to my besties who i can count on one hand.


Whenever I see your photos on my Facebook feed they’re stunning! Is there a reason why you prefer black and white photography over colour?

The reason being i think black & white ‘gives’more , if you get it right with the tones & shades & with a little crafting of light & shadow topped off with some texture & pattern , i feel the image carved can be more intense- although saying that i am so inspired by the great colourists like Martin Parr.


Based on your experience with black and white photography can you provide any tips for those who want to give it a go?

The only tip i could possibly give is :shoot shoot shoot and perhaps tip 2 : experiment daily many of my images are through practice ,many through play & trial & error-another thing i would say is do not be afraid to be wrong or to do “a bad shot” there are no bad shots if each one leads to the next shot and that shot may be a great shot-as & you plough on & time advances so will your work.


Your shots seem to be taken at the same location. Can you tell us how you come up with a different look each and every day using the same location?

I think because im so inspired by the world around me and so curious that so much influences me and that by way of osmosis feeds my creative spirit so the well is never dry, when on occasion the well does run dry i simply pick up a photography book and literally flip the pages like a flip book and im back on it again, or again listen to a piece of music, great songwriers i like such as Paul Weller or some piano or viloin, or again, hear a great orator speak- back on it! Also with portraiture the person brings the differnt ‘look’ they are the whole thing, thats why im always in total awe of my portrait sitters, i am so gratfeul for their generosity of spirit when they sit for the camera.


Do you have a preferred gear setup you like to use when it comes to your style of photography?

Tripod, reflector & the camera i have in my hand at the time, which currently is a Canon 50d and a Canon 5d and my friend Natural Light.


Could you share the story behind your favourite photograph you’ve ever taken?

Yes i can,i was 7 it was of my dad & mum sunbathing in the sand dunes Blackpool circa 1975 -mum is in her bra with trousers rolled up , dad in his black and white elvis styley trunks , huge sideburns and sunglasses & giving me a huge comical wave as i pressed the shutter on our family Instamatic – joyous shot!

Also it sounds a cliche but my favourite photograph is the last one & the next one


Here’s a curve ball, if you weren’t a photographer (or didn’t enjoy photography) what would you do and why?

If i wasnt a photographer i would probably be forced to stack shelves in the supermarket or be a cleaner or such-like.


Can you take us through the main processes you go through, from the concept of a shoot to publishing a photo? For instance, obtaining props, lighting and what editing software you use?

I have a ‘thought’ maybe in a dream or after waking as a reaction to something been said , then it either goes away somewhere till later or burns & needs to be taken out my mind and executed pronto so it doesnt keep frying my mind. So say if i have a thought, i go to my little scruffy studio in the next village, turn on the music, probably Oasis or the smiths or New Order or the radio depending if its Friday morning and then i express with the camera that thought or idea.

Often it doesnt transPire into anything so i just give it a “meh” and get back to what i “should be doing” which is earning money via portrait shoots and pet portraiture. The props i have lying around in old suitcases or from charity shops or from my student days or i found outside on the street . I have always used LR and i dip into AlienSkin Exposure 7in the digital darkroom. I only use Photoshop for making fliers.


Thanks so much for the interview Nicola :) Stay tuned for the next From My Facebook Feed Interview tomorrow :)
To see more of Nicola’s images visit her on Ello, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or better still head over to her website.

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