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A New Start - Leigh Diprose

Pen to paper, keyboard to screen. A letter to you that you may never receive.

I write this to congratulate you on the sincerity of your concerns for your peers.

I’m not an musical artist, nor am I a musical producer – I just happen to be the person who occasionally listens and finger taps with excitement to various rhythms and melodies.

It doesn’t matter if you’re travelling or at a place to eat or rest – music is around us and it’s the voices and talent behind it that makes us feel great about where we are.

Payment is our small token of showing appreciation for the talent behind the beautifully orchestrated notes that move us in so many ways. It doesn’t matter who it is, it’s language we all speak.

So, from a photographer to you I say thank you for understanding this simple principle and speaking for so many – even the ones who are behind the scenes that no one knows about.

You’re thoughts were from the heart and well received.

Now I beg the rest of the world to move on – just like you did.

So now let me speak to those who are left lingering.

Don’t be a sceptic looking for angles in contracts that simply just try to bring the rest of the creative world down, rather – if I may put it simply – move on with your creative journey.

For without motion life is lost.

For without motion you might just not hear that music that awaits around the bend.

Explore the bend – you just might find your own pot of gold happiness.

In response to To Apple, Love Taylor