This Is What Happens When Von Wong Photographs in Western Australia

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When world renowned photographer Benjamin Von Wong rocks into the west side that is Western Australia, you can be sure he’s going to capture an incredible landscape with a just as beautiful model.

Von Wong 004

That’s exactly what he did after his down under trip to Brisbane where he was invited to speak at an AIPP (Australian Institute of Professional Photographers) event with fellow Fiji Photography Workshop Instructors Tony Hewitt & Nick Rains.

The resulting photo shoot that you can see in the behind the scenes video below was basically put together with a tonne of liaison, a host of volunteer assistants and a lot of last minute decision making. The liaison started early with Von Wong reached out to Australian based photographer Anna Tenne who suggested the Pinnancles would be a great place to photograph.

Von Wong 001

After organising the costumes and selecting Jess Yeh from Chadwick Models, Von Wong then got back in touch with our very own F Stop Lounge contributor and professional makeup artist Kylie Eustace after she sent him an email to discuss working with him. With all the majors in check Von Wong then got in touch with his ‘Von Wong in Australia‘ loyal Facebook group to ask if anyone would assist him – and as you can see in the video his request was met in spades.

On the day of the shoot in the National Park, Von Wong used the Sony A7r, Zeiss 16-35mm, which looked perfectly balanced on a 3 Legged Thing Tripod. The model was also lit via a combination of natural light a Broncolor Move and a Broncolor Para 133.

Von Wong 003

Through a series of unplanned events I also was very fortunate to meet up with Benjamin for the first time to find out what he will be teaching at our upcoming Fiji Photography Workshop.