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With the Fiji Photography Workshop scheduled for the 29th, 30th & 31st October, I thought it might be fitting to provide you all a summary of what you can expect when you attend one of the biggest photography workshops for 2015.

First of all though, I want to reintroduce you to the amazing line of instructors who will be teaching you on this once in a life time event as well as introduce the team who will be coming along to assist them.

Fiji Photography Workshop Instructors
Covering off a range of photography genres (which I’ll go through on in a second) you’ll get to learn photography from Colby Brown, Benjamin Von Wong, Elia Locardi, Varina Patel, Jay Patel, Tony Hewitt, Nick Rains and videography from Michael Fletcher. This talented bunch have decades of teaching experience between them and based on this experience, it’s no wonder they have a combined social following of over 7.5 million – everyone wants a piece of them!

So, what photography genres will be covered I hear you ask?

On the workshop, you can expect to learn how to photograph stunning landscapes, as well as unravel the secrets of travel photography, you’ll even explore portrait photography and location lighting, but it won’t stop there, you’ll go on to become a master of your photography by learning retouching using Photoshop and Lightroom and while you’re out an about with your camera you’ll be learning the importance of videography. Throughout the 3 days, you’ll be constantly challenged and inspired to take your photography to the next level.

These master instructors will be combining all their knowledge to provide you with the ultimate learning experience. By the end of the workshop you’ll be a more well rounded photographer so you’ll be able to capture any subject at any time with stunning results!
What is the workshop schedule going to be?

The Fiji Photography Workshop will be broken down into three days. On each day you’ll be attending two workshops that will be taught by different instructors, there will also be one evening spent with Tony Hewitt, a Grand Master of Photography (and our MC) who will be speaking on inspiration and how to show emotion in your photographs.

With the workshop only 167 days away (at the time of writing this article) there’s not long to go! So, if you would like to learn photography from 8 master instructors then I suggest you get in early as the time is ticking away!

If you would like to book your spot you can either pay a small deposit of $280 USD now or simply get it out of the way by paying in full. Once you’ve made a payment the admin team will then send you more information about the Fiji Workshop over the following week, additionally I’ll also invite you to a special Facebook group where all the participants are.

Okay, so by now you know the instructors and the team (if not click on their names for more information about them) so that’s good, but there’s also one major thing I’m should talk about…. and that’s Mana Island.

Mana Island is a beautiful island off the coast of Fiji. The island is actually home to a small village and a wonderful Resort and Spa that will be awaiting your arrival.

Mana Island

To access the island you can either organise a transfer when you book your accommodation or if you have organised a helicopter flight from the mainland you will be picked up by the Mana Island Resort and Spa team (please note: when you book the workshop you can talk with the other participants if you want to find someone to share a room with).

Now, it would be wrong to go on without mentioning the team who will be the backbone on the Fiji Photography Workshop.

F Stop Lounge Team copy
First off there’s DL Cade… you may have come across his name and articles before due to his outstanding work with PetaPixel. If you don’t know ite wrote around 4000 articles in three years! These days DL Cade has moved onto bigger things with the incredible team at 500px where he holds the title of Editor in Chief. DL Cade’s role on the Fiji Workshop will be to work with the instructors and participants to write compelling articles about the Fiji Photography Workshop.

The next gentleman in the line for an explanation probably doesn’t need one due to the fact he’s everywhere….everywhere online that is. Simon Pollock is a well known global photography expert who knows how to tell a social story. Working for 3 Legged Thing, Think Tank and Digital Photography School, Simon shares social content across the web to engage with photographers across the world. We reached out to him early in the piece to see if he would be interested in doing the same thing on the Fiji Photography Workshop, and what-do-you-know he said yes! The exciting thing is Simon will be sharing live content through F Stop Lounge’s social feeds so everyone in the world can stay in touch with what we’re doing on the island!

Ben & Hayley are two of the most amazing talented people you’ll ever meet. Their official titles state they’re ‘Global Workshop Liaison Managers,’ but when you meet them in person you’ll realise that they’re so much more. Working on the admin side in the lead up to the workshop, this talented duo will be curating all of the communication throughout the whole event. So, if you have a question about about the workshop feel free to email them at – They’ll also be on the island during the workshop to assist the instructors and to help where ever they can – just remember to ask them to sing you a tune as they’re talented signers too!

Next in are two Australian photographers and film makers, Brent Mail and Johny Spencer. These two head up the SIC Lounge, a place where F Stop Lounger’s can learn photography online. At the Fiji Photography Workshop their roles will be to capture the events throughout the three days so you can have a copy of the proceedings after the event.

Last and not least, is Andre and myself, the co-founders of F Stop Lounge. A bit of brief history for you – Andre and I both met of a Google+ Hangout in 2011 and since then, we chat ever day, building F Stop Lounge and the community that surrounds it. We’re both looking forward to the Fiji Photography Workshop as it will be the first time we meet in person rather than on a Google+ Hangout! We both can’t wait!

So there you go, that’s about all I have for you at the moment, if you would like to learn more about the Fiji Photography Workshop I encourage you to head on over to our workshop page, however if you have a question for us about the workshop drop us an email below – I look forward to seeing you there!

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