Announcement: ShotKit and Better Photography Partner With F Stop Lounge

Here at F Stop Lounge we inspire to bring the photographers of the world together and part of our journey means we love to partner with other websites that share the same interest.

Our friends over at Mirrorlessons, Visual Wilderness, Mediterranean Photo Tours, PhotoMadd, Sports Photos, The Photo Walk Guys and Photique have been huge supporters of what we do and today we’re very excited to announce our newest partners in ShotKit and Better Photography. These two sites are well developed and definitely well worth a read!

Over on ShotKit, run by Mark Condon, you’ll be able to see exactly what’s in a photographer’s camera bag as well as read some expert camera reviews (and so much more).


Some popular articles I would recommend you check out include:

Behind our second newest partner, Better Photography is the photographic Master Peter Eastway. Peter’s well known in the Australian and International photography scene for his work as an educator, photographer and judge. When you visit Peter’s website or buy one of his magazines ‘Better Photography’ just make sure you soak up all the great insight he shares. I’ve gathered five links below that you’re bound to find helpful when you visit Better Photography.

Better Photography

So, as our partnership grows with all of our partners you can expect to see some more fantastic articles right here on F Stop Lounge.

I personally hope you are enjoying the photography journey with us, and if you haven’t liked our Facebook Page already, we encourage you to do that now. Until next time – Happy Shooting :)


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