Who is Colby Brown?

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Imagine if you could photograph the world, experience stunning landscapes and do it all for a good cause?
Well, if you did imagine that you’re probably thinking of a well known landscape, travel and humanitarian photographer called, Colby Brown.


You see, Colby has been photographing the world around him since 2006, and throughout this time he has become an author, photo educator and founder of a humanitarian organisation called The Giving Lens.

The Giving Lens

The Giving Lens is an organisation that makes a difference by giving back to the world through photo education. Originally founded in 2010 with some help, Colby set out to connect photographers with non-profit organisations to help those in need.

“We could bring photographers together in community, to fuel their passion for travel, and to take that passion and aim at worth non-profits around the world. By creating the hybrid of workshops, volunteering, and photo-education, we not only grow as photographers by leaps and bounds, but also as people; as human beings. And we get to do it all to the benefit of communities in developing nations! – Colby, Kate, and the TGL Team”.

As a photographer Colby has a prolific following across social media with the main platform being Google+, where he shares a photo almost every day. If you follow him on Twitter, Facebook or 500px you’re bound to come across these incredible photos that simply capture what he experiences when he visits these amazing locations.

It’s easy to see why Colby’s photographic works have amassed a whopping view count of 6,685,094,522 views on Google+ alone! I know whenever I click a photo to view admire it, I contribute to that tally (quite a bit) and so do the other 2,749,069 Google+ followers!

Having led many photography expeditions for National Geographic in South America, and his own across the globe, Colby is a much sort after educator and workshop leader. Based on his experience in the field, teaching ability and post production techniques we believe Colby is at the forefront of this industry, which is why we’ve invited him to teach at our upcoming Fiji Photography Workshop.

The F Stop Lounge hosted event will be held on Mana Island on October 29th, 30th and 31st 2015 and it’s gaining a lot of interest due to the incredible line of instructors who will be joining together to teach you everything you ever wanted to know about photography.

As photographers we all know it’s important to grow, and in doing so you gain tonnes of new techniques and break through old ‘stale’ creative boundaries. Unfortunately though for many of us learning to grow in this photography space can be difficult due to the fact we’re not presented with the learning opportunities we need.

That’s were Colby’s experience along with a host of other masters including Tony Hewitt, Benjamin Von Wong and Nick Rains come in, you see, the Fiji Photography Workshop just might be that opportunity you seek, so if you are interested in taking your photography to the next level by being taught by some of the world’s best then we highly encourage you to check out the workshop page here.

If you would like to learn more about Colby, check out his website here or visit his 500px profile here.
All images © Colby Brown Photography