This Photographer’s On Fire…with a Smart Phone

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Understandably the camera phone has come along way since beginning as a brick, no more do we have to put up with terrible quality low light photos, that looked like they were run over by a car, then left for dead on a dirty street somewhere in a side alley.

Fortunately for us, phone manufactures have mastered the light by putting in some incredible tech to munch that noise away, leaving you with just some incredible photos to share with friends and family. So, when a smart phone company Huawei, wanted to convey this message they thought it would be fitting to give it to a photographer who lives by the night and plays with fire…enter


You see the Von Wong, has been photographing EPIC images with insane fire elements for quite some time now, so it made complete sense when his agent Suzy Johnston gave him the call breaking the good news.

The brief was to come up with some concept photographs for Huawei to launch their new phone called the P8.  Here’s part of the brief:

“You must use the phone’s Light-Painting function”
“The model must be surrounded by fire”
“Absolutely no photoshop allowed”

With the behind the scenes fire illumination orchestrated by the Starlight Alchemy, Von Wong completed the look by using a Broncolor light to light the model. The images were captured using the M8’s new Light-Paining function, which basically processed multiple images very quickly to create the end result you can see here – not bad for a mobile phone shot!

Huawei P8 Fire Rain
Having photographed these incredible images on location with no Photoshop meant Von Wong’s talents had to be spot on at the time of capture.

I put this down to technique and practise – hours of it! Based on my own experience I think practice makes all the difference. You see when you set out to capture photographs like these you need someone to guide you, and fortunately here at F Stop Lounge we have a very special opportunity for you.

Benjamin Von Wong, the master behind the light, will be joining a very special photography workshop in Fiji to teach you photography. On the Fiji Photography Workshop you’ll get to learn all the techniques Benjamin uses in order to create amazing photographs like this:

Huawei P8 Fire Angel

Simply head on over to the Fiji Photography Workshop page where you can find all the details that will change your photography forever.

To see more of the behind the scenes from the Huawei shoot definitely head over to the original post here.