Leica Announce Revolutionary Sensor Cleaning System

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Leica have announced today a revolutionary sensor cleaning system that is said to solve the major problem many photographers face.

The Leica DUSBUNIE uses state of the art dual Form Type filters to remove 99.9% of microscopic particles of dust directly from the cameras sensor.

“Years of German engineering has led us to this breakthrough in sensor cleaning technology” says Herr Trapes, R&D Head Developer. “It made complete sense for us to scale down the common household appliance and redesign it for our camera users worldwide”.

The Leica DUSBUNIE is easy to use and contains a simple on / off button, which should be pressed after the correct mode has been selected (modes are chosen based on the type of camera you have).

Once the unit has reached maximum suction (around 0.78 seconds) the user simply places the nozzle over the cameras sensor for up to 10 seconds and the patented dual Form Type filters suck up any dust particles lying on the sensor.

Leica DusBunie

Here at F Stop Lounge we’re very excited to obtain one of the first test units, which should arrive late next week at our office located in Central Germany. We will have a full detailed review then but for now here are the specs:

DUSBUNIE Specifications:
MODES: Mirror Mode, Mirrorless Mode and Low Pass Filter Mode
POWER: 1000 KW 5V
MAXIMUM POWER: 0.78 seconds
FILTER: Dual Form Type Filters
WEIGHT: 180 grams
COMPATIBILITY: All DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras