Atomos Shogun Review

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Atomos Shogun

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I delivered some FCPX training for the folks at Atomos last year and afterwards they asked if I’d like a Atomos Shogun to have a play with for a while once it came out. I have used some of their gear in the past and particularly since I had just gotten an A7s, I was very keen to try it out with the Shogun.

I used the Shogun on my shoot for “The Local Framing Studio” and got my mate Micheal DeFlorio from POVMedia to bring along his Movi, so we could try it out with that too.

The shoot was a lot of fun. The review part took me a lot longer than I expected it to. I had a lot of work come up so this kept getting pushed back and done in the few breaks that I had.

Also it kind of turned into a hybrid review / tutorial, I couldn’t help going into educator mode sometimes. :)

I’ll have another post to follow up with the process that I went through to shoot the actual review, as it took a bit of experimenting to get a setup that worked for me.

I hope you find it interesting and educational.