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Having recently come back from a trip to Abu Dhabi where I visiting the “Sheikh Zayed Mosque”, I noticed some weird artefacts in my images once I imported them into Lightroom. I used the FujiFilm X-T1 with the 18-135mm Lens during this trip, and man, did I develop more love for this camera and lens being able to handhold shots at shutter speed of 1/5th of a second. Wow, the image stablisation in this combo is amazing, can’t say the same for my Canon 7D I’m afraid.

Anyway, getting back to the point, I noticed in my RAW images that some of the edges were very soft and somewhat blurred. So I asked the F Stop Lounge team if they had experienced anything like this. It didn’t take long to get a response from Mark Soon who mentioned that Lightroom is not the best at rendering FujiFilm RAW files and he had been using Irident Developer and then eventually now switched to Capture One Pro for RAW processing of his images. So I decided to investigate the matter.

I downloaded and installed trial version of Capture One Pro and imported my RAF (RAW FujiFilm files) into it for testing. I dialed in same sort of settings on the imaged as I would in Lightroom, exported image into JPEG from both LR and Capture One Pro to compare in Photoshop. Let’s just say the next few minutes were shocking and surprising. And by the way both JPEGs were at 100% quality to minimal compression.

Stay with me, don’t jump to the image below. I then loaded in the JPEG from the X-T1 itself and added it as another layer to compare. This is of course possible because I had been shooting RAW + JPEG on my X-T1 as I’m still building up experience with this camera.


What you will notice is that the LR side is very soft and the colours are less vibrant than the Capture One. I notice the same when I activate the JPEG Layer from the X-T1. So apparently Capture One understands Fuji RAF files even better than the RAF processing built into the Camera.



Here is another comparison of the Lightroom result with the Capture One result superimposed. Please view full size to compare the 1:1 crop of the image where clearly Lightroom falls behind in Processing RAW files out of a Fuji X-T1.


LR_Result_CaptureOne_HighlightWill and can Adobe fix this, I don’t know? Will I switch to Capture One, not sure as I have a lot invested in Lightroom? But I definitely need to investigate and experiment more.

What’s your experience in this area, please let us know your thoughts.

One Comment on “Is Lightroom Butchering your Fujifilm RAW Files?

  1. Jarek

    Hi Harmeet,
    I just wrote your article and must to tell, that about this problem wrote many people. The best result give you fuji raw . As owner of fuji xt1 I use it and have best result. Unfortunatelly fuji can’t be proffesional use because fuji file have full of artefact, just look at trees or tree. The problem is fuji x trans sensor and you can’t do anything with it ????.

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