Who Is Benjamin Von Wong?

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Benjamin Von Wong Fiji

Benjamin Von Wong is a well-known Montreal based photographer who specialises in ‘epic’ photography. With a background as a mining engineer this self-confessed creative artist has a talent for organising some of the most extraordinary photography shoots you’ll ever see.

Powered by companies like Think Tank Photo, AdobeBroncolor, Wacom, SmugMug, Fujifilm and people who share his passion, Von Wong communicates with his fans and followers to orchestrate the sometimes unthinkable photo shoots, which transform everyday people and models into etherial pieces of art.

Benjamin Von Wong

The photography bug quickly caught Benjamin as he found himself filling every spare moment with photography shoots. Between meeting clients in between his lunch breaks, his photography career quickly grew out of a hobby and into something full-time after he learned his unique skills could support him. It was at this point the full-time journey started for Von Wong when he escaped the 9-5 back in January 2012.  What came next was the development of his blog.

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Leveraging off the support of his followers Von Wong then reached out via an Indiegogo campaign to seek funding for a four-week creative adventure across Europe. The successful campaign fuelled his plan to capture epic images and share his experience online via YouTube and his blog. It was really this four-week adventure (of hard work) that landed Von Wong with a base of imagery which would see him continue his journey as a creative.

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Von Wong has really been able to create a large social following due to his photography talent, YouTube presence and constant communication. His ability to interact with people has seen some incredible projects evolve. For example something we’re sure his most proud of was the creation of the Saving Eliza video campaign, which was produced in partnership with the then editor DL Cade from Petapixel. The campaign has raised since gone on to raise $2.2 million last year, which will certainly make a huge difference in saving the life of Eliza who has Sanfilippo Syndrome.

Benjamin Von Wong Video

With travel and a portfolio of epic images under his belt we’re keen to see where Von Wong will go next. He has certainly come from an interesting past (as featured by Adobe TV) and we’re sure whatever he’ll do next will be just as incredible as the last thing. Here at F  Stop Lounge we’re very excited to share in Von Wong’s passion to capture and teach epic photography, that’s why we’ve invited him to be an instructor on the upcoming 2015 Fiji Photography Workshop. During the three-day workshop Von Wong will be teaching you everything from what he does to prepare for a shoot, how he photographs a model on location and what he does in post production that separates his photos from the others. We invite you to join Benjamin Von Wong and a host of other just as talented artists in late October 2015.

If you would like to learn from Von Wong we invite you to book early to secure your spot on what will be a once in a life time experience. This workshop will never be repeated so come with us to paradise, you won’t regret it.



To view more of Von Wong’s incredible work head over to his Awesome 500px portfolio or Smugmug account.