The State of Mirrorless Ep. 010 – Fabio Camandona

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Fabio Camandona is an Italian wedding photographer who recently made two big changes in his professional life: moving his life and his business to the Canary Islands and switching from a Nikon system to a Fujifilm one. He is now using exclusively Fujifilm X cameras, with a trio of prime lenses, to shoot weddings and for his personal projects and says that his clients couldn’t care less about the kind of equipment that he carries. At the same time, having small cameras and lenses allows him to be inconspicuous, blend in with the crowd and take the candid shots that are part of his photojournalistic style.

Listen to the interview, hosted by Ugo and Mathieu, to learn about the motives behind his choices.

You can find more about Fabio on his website or on his studio website.

Notice: Due to a technical issue, the main video signal was stuck on the interviewer’s camera during the whole recording. We apologize for that.

Notice 2: We sometimes switched to Italian during the interview, but don’t worry: everything is translated, so you won’t miss anything, even if you don’t speak Dante’s language.