Fujifilm X100S: A photographer’s best friend

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For years I have searched high and low for a camera that I can take anywhere with me. A camera that hangs around my neck everywhere I go and isn’t annoying to carry. It has been quite a struggle to find but I recently found him. He is a Fujifilm X100S.

I asked my mum for my first camera for my 9th birthday and since then have loved taking cameras everywhere with me to photograph anything and everything. I am constantly looking at everything in my life as a picture. My first camera was a Pentax Espio 738. I loved it. My mum was asked by other family members at the time, “What is Ben going to do with a camera?” She didn’t know but said “If he wants a camera, I’ll buy him a camera.” 15 years later I get to play with cameras everyday for a living.


Up until now I have only really ever shot with Nikon DSLR cameras and Nikkor lenses. I have always found myself bringing out film point and shoots to social events or day to day outings simply because I didn’t want to take a DSLR out. I love Nikon for their DSLR cameras – I was trained on them and think they’re the best on the market. I haven’t yet found a point and shoot day-to-day camera of theirs that I love.

Recently a friend lent me his Fujifilm X100 and I spent the weekend with it and loved the results. I instantly went out and bought the updated version – Fujifilm X100S, which was even cooler. I hear they now have another brother out called the Fujifilm X100T.

Fujifilm make cameras for photographers. I am continually blown away by the power of this little guy. I am able to shoot at 3200 ISO with little to no grain. The buttons and dials are all positioned perfectly and feel good to adjust. It has a beautiful weight to it and feels like a real camera in your hand.

Fujifilm have nailed the palette. One of the reasons I used to shot a lot of my personal work on 35mm cameras was to eliminate the time spent on the computer processing. I spend a lot of time processing stills for work. The Fujifilm X100S allows me to take photos that I don’t need to import to Lightroom to process. Also, the speed of being able to turn it on and shoot is incredible. It allows me to capture images that I would sometimes miss on another camera.




It is unbelievably quiet and in my line of work that is very handy. I work as a stills photographer on film and TV sets. I recently used the Fujifilm X100S on a television set and it integrated with my workflow seamlessly. I now have eyes on the Fujifilm X-T1. I am very excited at the thought of being able to control a camera silently without needing to use a blimp. I use a blimp every day I am on a set and am asked all the time if it’s an underwater housing. It’s not. It is simply a box to put a DSLR in to shut it up so I can take pictures at the same time they are filming.


Having a great blimp allows me to have a friendly relationship with the sound dept, actors and director as noone hears me shooting stills during takes.

The difference in size between in a Nikon DSLR in a blimp and the little Fujifilm is huge. The size and weight difference is very handy because when I’m on set I never know when I’m going to get a shot, so the camera stays around my neck the entire day – from the second I get there until the second I leave. I often leave set with a sore neck and back because of this. I am continuing to use Nikon cameras on set but I definitely have a firm eye on what Fujifilm are doing and can’t wait to see what they release in the future.


The Fujifilm X100S isn’t just for professional photographers. I am asked at least once a week by people what camera to buy? My first question is always: What do you think you’ll mainly be taking photographs of? The Fujifilm X100S covers 95% of the answers people give me. So if you don’t have one, go get one. You’ll love it.