This Father Creates Powerful Dreams For His Daughter

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The Longest Trip Of My Life

Being part of a fantasy world is every child’s dream, so imagine what Ionut Caras’s daughter feels like when he completes a dreamlike work of art. With no model release to worry about and a stock library many photographers would only dream of, Caras is able to bring the expression of his beautiful daughter to life.

The Earth Is Round

Born in the late February, this passionate ex Romanian artist will spend sometimes up to 6 to 7 hours conjuring up a dreamlike scene, however the majority of images he creates can easily exceed 3 hours.

“In my composition I use only my images, not stock photography. It takes quite sometime to find a specific element for the final image, it can really kill me!”

The Observer II

All the artwork he produces is usually used for customer requests or commercial purposes, which can include book covers, prints, commercial advertising campaigns. The gear this talented photographer uses is pretty simple when compared to the big studio photogs out there.

The Dream Maker

My favourite and most used gear includes the Nikon D600 with the 28-300mm and the 16-35mm. The 24 Megapixel from my Nikon D600 is more than enough to have a good quality stock photo. The 28-300mm is perfect to catch almost all kinds of elements including, people, furniture, buildings, trees, etc. Lastly the Nikon 16-35mm is the most common lens I use, I capture backgrounds, ground elements, landscape scenes and indoor.

Take My Breath Away


I Believe What I Want To Believe

Free Like a Bird

All I Love To Do, Is Dreaming

If you’re interested in seeing more of Ionut’s incredible work then visit his website and extensive gallery on 500px, you can also learn how he creates these masterpieces by downloading one of his helpful tutorials.