Featured Photo: 28th September – Beth Gidi

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Todays Photo Of Day was captured by +Beth Gidi.

The photo was shared on our Google+ Photographers Community.

seanna paper lady 2


Puella Blanchard in paper gown.

Two days work on this one.

Here you see a three layers photography project. Newspaper ‘flower’ is a shot I did a couple of days ago with my Nokia Lumia 610. The other two photos are from a personal collection of mine. This project combines of three different and very favorite ‘elements’. The vintage one (newspaper), the romantic one (little Marie Antoinette model as seen on Powerful Heads theme by Paolo Roversi for Vogue Italia Supplement March 2005) and the gothic one (a Medieval castle as seen on the backround). I had to find the two keys photos to go with the newspaper ‘flower’ I shot, and after to create a balance between the colors, the shapes and the textures in order to give a whole new look and meaning to the photo taken by me. I hope I did well at some point. It would be very nice of you if you discussed it a bit. I am very new to this style as a very amateur photographer, so it definitely would count if you discussed something on the project.