Leica M-P First Thoughts

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Leica M-PLeica has recently announced their newest lineup in the M-Series range, the Leica M-P. Featuring iconic form the camera is set out to be ergonomic in every respect.

Leica M-P 004

Born from the previous identical looking Leica M, the newer camera offers some advancements in both, technical features and an enlarged buffer memory.

With a design concept which aims to fulfil the needs of professional photographers this camera will certainly turn a few heads. You may even notice the camera has the iconic red Leica logo removed. I personally think Leica have done this to show off a ‘newer’ breed of camera, one that is unobtrusive and practical in every aspect.

Leica M-P 003

From what I can see the camera is very well laid out. It’s buttons have been ergonomically designed to allow the photographer to focus on the shot and not on the menu. Boasting a silent shutter this is a camera you could pretty much take anywhere. I personally think it’s best suited for street, journalistic and documentary photography due to the Leica M-P’s small size and excellent battery life, however I’m sure there will be a few portrait and landscape photographers who are willing to get their hands on it too.

What I personally like about the Leica system is the manual control physically on the camera. In my opinion there’s nothing like turning a camera onto manual mode and physically moving the dials to create the shot you want. The Leica M-P looks like it would give me that opportunity. The sound of the aperture ring or shutter dial clicking into place would be music to my ears. I’m sure it would be the same for many of you reading this too.

Leica M-P 001

The black or silver versions of the Leica M-P  both sport a full frame (24x36mm) 24MP CMOS sensor which is said to give you outstanding exposures with low noise making it an ideal candidate for available light photography. Coupled with an amazing processor, in this case a Leica Maestro Image Processor, you’re bound to get a perfect exposure every time.

Leica M-P 006

But it doesn’t stop at ergonomics, sensors and processes, Leica have gone one step further to produce an all weather body on the new M-P. No more do you have to hold the umbrella over your precious Leica camera as the M-P can handle a drop of water or even a larger shower. The body components are machined from solid brass and a full-metal magnesium alloy chassis so your camera really will last a life time.

Leica M-P 007

With a minimalist design and powerful image output I’m sure the Leica M-P will be a popular camera amongst fans and enthusiasts. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on one to try out and see what all the hype is about. With a price tag of around $8K USD the Leica M-P is really an investment, so you’ll want to make sure you can at least make your money back by selling your work or renting the camera out to your friends!