What’s In Your Bag – Nazar N. Hrabovyi

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Nazar N. Hrabovyi is a designer and photographer based in Ukraine.

He’s the founder of Not a Cat studio, which specialises in art photography, logo art and web design.  His work extends to the authorship of the ‘Real Life in Ukraine‘ photo project, which aims to capture his country in candid life. Apart from photography Nazar also loves black coffee, jazz as well as posting funny pics with cats (who doesn’t right?)


What’s In Nazar’s Bag? 

The gear Nazar uses to capture candid life in Ukraine is the following;

1x Generic Old Leather Bag which has been personally optimized to fit gear.

1x Sony SLT-A77 with Zeiss Distagon 24 mm f2.0 lens

1x Zenith E with Helios-44-2 58mm f2.0 lens

1x Sony 55-200mm f4-5.6 lens

1x Sony Flash HVL-F42AM

1x NPFM500H Spare Battery for the A77.

1x Green (or olive) paper notebook

1x Roll of Kodak color film

1x USB Adapter

1x Micro USB phone charger

1x Sony A77 battery charger

1x Memory Card Holder

1x Notebook, Pen, Sunglasses

1x Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet


Nazar’s portfolio can be seen on his website here.

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