Benjamin Von Wong - Underwater photography

These Amazing Ethereal Photos by Benjamin Von Wong Are Incredible

VonWong_Underwater_Tulamben-4   In a behind the scenes video created by Siva Shanker, master photographer Benjamin Von Wong explores the underwater world with seven divers, two models and a shipwrecked backdrop. The result is a series of etherial images. Also be sure to watch the end of the video as Benjamin gives away three great business tips! VonWong_Underwater_Tulamben-11 With Bali set as the dive location Benjamin was set for success as he worked with an experience and dedicated team of talented like-minded individuals. According to Benjamin the only reason he was successful was due to teamwork, as he mentioned on his blog post.

“Teamwork – A word that truly begins to mean something when you’re shooting 25 meters underwater and your model tied to a 50 year old shipwreck in the middle of Bali where the slightest miscalculation could spell disaster”.


To see more images and find out more about the team behind the project head over to the Von Wong Blog here.

The photos from the project can also be purchased, all proceeds go towards the Cure Sanfillipo Foundation to Save Eliza.

Image Credits: Benjamin Von Wong

via RAW


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