Beautiful Photos Look Like Childhood Dreams

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Founded in 2003, JinkyArt was born from sharing memories with family and friends. Barb Uil is the photographer in the family owned business, which brings a much-needed energised vision to children photography. Gone are the days of the plain boring studio as this team excels at capturing childhood imagination through the use of drawing, photography, Photoshop and creativity.

Bringing photography and children together has been such an unexpected joy.  Years ago, I studied child care at TAFE and later worked as a child care professional.  I really believe my background has been such a fantastic source of inspiration and understanding.” – Barb Uil




Interview with Barb Uil by Leigh Diprose

Why is photography important to you?

Firstly thanks so much for having me! =) Well, that sure is a tricky question because it changes with my mood.  However I think its important to me personally because it’s allowed me to document my growing family – and lets face it there is nothing more important then our families. Secondly it has allowed me to believe in myself a little – I came from a background of not being good at anything at all really. And lastly, it’s allowed me to connect with other amazing creatives from around the world.


For you personally, what’s the most rewarding part of a photography session?

Being able to hang out with children and create. It’s definitely a mix of both. I have a background in working with kids, so really, combining that with photography and being able to explore childhood imagination is really so very rewarding. Seeing the smiles on families faces when I deliver prints and being part of people’s lives. However, oh I also like the process of creating, dreaming and even post-processing. Another tricky question to answer.




Can you tell us where your inspiration and drive comes from?

From children themselves. Absolutely. And I guess my drive comes from the love of it. It’s not like getting up and going to a 9-5. I get up and stick bits of felt to bits of wool to create a bear suit.  And then wander off to a field, or amazing location to hang out with incredibly sweet children.  Actually come to think of it, not much drive required so much. Just pure joy!


How long does a photographic session normally take from design concept to finished product?

Ohhh, you are good at this questioning thing! Well, I dream for a long time. Honestly, now days it’s the conception part that takes longer and I love doing it.   A session usually lasts 1 hour or so – I really try to keep kids time in front of the camera to a minimum, as I really want them to walk away thinking “wow that was fun”. So, these days Im fairly organised and know what I want to capture however, to be honest with you – what is in my head hardly ever translates exactly! It’s just t he way it goes when working with kids.  That didn’t really answer your question did it!! Lets say… it takes as long as I can dream. ZZzz.




We see you are affiliated with an international charity organisation, can you tell us why it’s important to you?

Like most people, I’m just aware of how it’s important to give back and never take anything for granted.  Or forget how fortunate we are.  JinkyArt has changed our lives and we want it to help change others lives too. In the big picture its such a small thing to do.


What’s one piece of advice you could pass on to a photographer wanting to pursue their dreams?

Close your eyes and just do it.  Its like jumping into cold water – if we pause it might stop us.  So often that’s all it takes – courage.




Do you have a favourite piece of equipment you like using during a photography session?

My smile!  Other than that I shoot with a Canon 5D Mark III. Love my canon.


People say never work with children or animals…what do you say to them?

Never say never ..not ever!




It’s safe to say your images are spectacular, do you teach how to take amazing works of art like yours? If so were can people go?

Thank you!! http://www.jinkyart.com.au/store




If you would like to see some more incredible child photography then head over to JinkyArt’s website here.

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