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When heading out to a new photography location it can be a little bit daunting not knowing where to go. Most of us turn to friends, Google, Maps and travel blogs to find a little bit of insight into planning a successful photography shoot.

So with the talk of the town being Iceland as the next place you should visit I thought it would be appropriate to share some insight into the world of Matt and Alison. Based out of Chicago, the photography loving pair formed a duo through their local photography club, Riverwoods Nature Photographic Society. After they realised they both enjoyed trekking and photography they started a blog called Take A Hike Photography. Since the begging they have trekked in Nepal, gone on safari in Africa, experience backpacking in Patagonia and even went on a canoeing adventure in the Boundary Waters.

What intrigued me to look further into the story further was their approach to share a story willingly. Many photographers I know don’t share their stories or location when they’re out on a shoot, mainly due to the fear of photo replication. I was surprised with Matt and Alison’s approach as they were eager to share their experiences and locations with the world.  Hats off to you both!

So if you are keen to take a look into the world of Majestic Iceland from the eyes of trekking photographers then I would highly recommend grabbing a pens and writing some notes as check out their latest video – Photographing Iceland’s Waterfalls.

Also be sure to check out their very helpful Practical Guide To Iceland article.


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