A 5th Fortnight with Handy Andy Pandy

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Hello you brilliantly brilliant people! Let’s go mental and have a look at some of the pics I’ve done over the last fortnight!

Gossip Girls

Gossip Girls: I’m sure a lot of us guys have wished we could don a dress, grab our clutch purse and get up to a bit of office gossip behind somebody’s back… No? Must be just me then. Remember, nobody likes a gossiper, so make sure you don’t get caught.


I Auditioned for Juggling School but I Didn't Make the Cut

I Auditioned for Juggling School but I Didn’t Make the Cut: I’ve also always wanted to learn to juggle, but have never been able to do much more than throw two balls up in the air, flail my arms about like an idiot for a few seconds and then drop the balls on my foot. So I spent literally 15 minutes practicing my juggling with some handy kitchen knives before deciding it’d be best left to someone with some semblance of coordination.


Ever Tried to Eat a Clock

Ever Tried to Eat a Clock? (It’s Very Time-Consuming): A great idea that was suggested to me by somebody on Facebook, this was quite a lot of fun to make (it took quite a bit of work to get it to look ok). I mostly played around with the Liquify tool in Photoshop (to any non-Photoshoppers, that means I didn’t really eat a clock).


Portrait of a Brokenhearted Horse

Portrait of a Brokenhearted Horse: Trying something different here, this is the first time in a really long time I haven’t used my flashes, instead just sticking to some nice natural light coming in through the windows. It’s a much different look and something I want to practice a bit more of. I also really like wearing a horse mask, it really brings out my eyes :)


Letting Go

Letting Go: Another natural light one, this is a stitched panorama of a few shots taken on my balcony at night. I used a pretty long exposure of a couple of seconds for each shot, so the night sky was lit up the the city lights.


This is Not What it Looks Like

This is Not What it Looks Like: And ending on a silly note (how else would I end it?) with a picture of me on the toilet. I have to say, this was a bucket-load of fun to make; how often do you get to throw toilet paper up in the air 20 times and not get in trouble for it? :)

Well ladies and gentlemen, it’s been fun! Tune in next fortnight for more wild and wicked adventures!


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