A 4th Fortnight with Handy Andy Pandy

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Hello you fantastically fantastic people! Thought I’d share a small handful of the photos I’ve done over the last fortnight :)


205 = So Flows the Current

“So Flows the Current”: Inspired by the brilliant song “Beyond this Moment” from Patrick O’Hearn’s album “So Flows the Current”, I wanted to do something a little bit peaceful, but also a little bit sad.


200 - Two Hundred

“Two Hundred”: Celebrating the milestone of 200 photos here, it took me a good 2 hours of playing tug-of-war against 5 men to stretch my arm to length you see above. Kids, I highly recommend you try this at home.


203 - Slay the Dragon, Rescue the Princess

“Slay the Dragon, Rescue the Princess”: One of my more ambitious photos and certainly one of my most time-consuming, this one took a lot of time to shoot all the elements of the photo and combine them in Photoshop. Especially given my drawing skills rival that of a 2-year-old; it took me 15.9 hours to draw each cloud (Disclaimer: claims may be slightly exaggerated). The most fun part of the whole thing was drawing on myself in black crayon to make it look like I was covered in mud. Drawing on yourself is something everybody should do as least once a week. The least fun part? Crayon doesn’t come out of your clothes very well…


198 - Roid It Up Baby

“Roid It Up Baby”: I’ve never really been the most-buff guy around town, and have always wondered what I’d look like as an American Football player. Now, thanks to the magic of Photoshop, my dream has finally come true and I can die a happy, buff man.


201 - Yum Yums

“Yum Yums”: The lighting setup in this was fairly complicated as the blue spotlight had to be perfectly centered on the bowling pin – tough job when you can’t see through the lens to line it all up! Luckily I had my lovely girlfriend to help me for this one, but we still ended up shooting about 100 shots before we got it right… It’s a miracle I’m smiling in this photo, because I sure as heck wasn’t by the time we finished shooting! :)

207 - Yeah I Can Do Magic

“Yeah I Can Do Magic”: Not many people know this, but I actually possess telekinetic powers – fantastic at parties! I’m also prone to lying compulsively and Photoshopping images of myself to give the illusion of superpowers.


And that’s a wrap! Tune in next fortnight for more Photoshop gluttony and photography licentiousness!


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