A 3rd Fortnight with Handy Andy Pandy

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Hello you awesomely awesome people! It’s that time again where we look at some of the weird and wacky things I’ve been up to in the last 14 days!



“Halfway!”: This fortnight was pretty special to me photography-wise, because I got to the halfway point of my 365 Project! Kinda crazy to think I’ve done almost 200 of these (at the time of writing), so I celebrated my buying myself half a cake. (The staff in the supermarket looked at me weird when I put the other half back on the shelf.)


190- Freedom in One Hour

“Freedom in 1 Hour”: I also tried to push myself a little harder, and gave myself a challenge to come up with a concept for a photo, shoot it and process it in Photoshop, all in one hour. I came up with the idea of jumping off my balcony and perhaps flying away and being free, and despite my computer deciding to freeze for 10 minutes (thanks, Murphy’s Law!) I managed to finish in 1 hour, just in the nick of time!


186 - Red Light District

“Red Light District”: I also tried something a little more different than what I normally do, trying to create a photo based on composition and lines. And black leather gloves. Sexy.


188 - The Notebook

“The Notebook”: I donned my girlfriend’s skirt and my very best horse head for this one. I think the skirt definitely shows off my hips rather nicely, don’t you?


185 - Coming Undone

“Coming Undone”: Something a little more serious and a little more Photoshop-intensive, peeling my head away like a lemon peel is something I’ve wanted to try for quite some time now! The idea for this came from a few conversations I’ve had with friends about asking for a hand when you need it, rather than going for the macho approach and keeping your problems to yourself. Nothing wrong with reaching out for help!



“The Third-Saddest Elephant in the World”: Last but not least, I’ve long-since wanted to take a photo of myself and make it appear as if it’s actually raining when it’s not, as above. I finally plucked up the courage last week and got it done, and I’m pretty happy with how it came out! Before photo is here.


And there you go, that’s a small handful of the photos I’ve done over the last 14 days! Tune in next fortnight for more photographic madness and Photoshop debauchery! :D


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