A 2nd Fortnight with Handy Andy Pandy

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Hey all you fabulously fabulous people! Thought I’d let you know some of the crazy things I’ve been up to this last fortnight and share a few of the photos I’ve done! :)

Moonwalking by Handy Andy Pandy

Last fortnight I asked people for suggestions and got quite a few, but the concept of moonwalking really grabbed my attention! I pieced together several photos of rocks and desert, threw in a shot of Earth (thanks NASA!), donned my very best suit and helmet and magically teleported myself to the moon to take a quick selfie. Just another regular ol’ Monday.

Super Mario Conquers the World by Handy Andy Pandy

Another suggestion from last fortnight was “superhero”. I’ve been looking for an excuse to don my Mario costume for quite some time now and there’s surprisingly few fancy dress parties that are easily crashable, so this was the perfect opportunity! Pretty happy with how this turned out, and I learned a lot in the process. I like to fantasise about Mario eating too many mushrooms during his days off and going on a murderous rampage around the streets where I live.

There’s also a speed-art video showing how I made this :)

A Hero, Fallen by Handy Andy Pandy

One cool evening I was standing out on my balcony looking out across my kingdom I mean my neighbourhood, and the idea for the above photo hit me (which almost never happens; it usually takes an hour or so of prying an idea out of my head, like pulling teeth without anaesthetic). I raced inside, tripping over my huge piles of money own feet, got back up, lay down on a chairs and took a photo of myself in a falling pose. A couple of hours in Photoshop later it was done and I gave myself a high-five, a goodnight kiss, and went to bed.

Forsaken Cowboy by Handy Andy Pandy

One of my favourite artists is Royksopp, and one of my favourite songs of theirs is “Forsaken Cowboy“. I’m absolutely in love with this song; I can’t get over how hauntingly-beautiful it is. Perfect material for a photo concept, and I’ll take any excuse to wear my girlfriend’s scarf.

My Creative Process 2 by Handy Andy Pandy

I also thought I’d give a little insight into how I do some of my photos. I actually have a little man who operates my Wacom tablet for me and helps me do a lot of the trickier Photoshop work. Very handy.

A Bitter Pill to Swallow by Handy Andy Pandy

Last in the roundup is another suggestion, the concept of “A bitter pill to swallow”. I’ve always wanted to make a mock advertisement for one of my photos (the world needs more tongue-in-cheek ads). Now I can finally tell my grandkids I’ve done it.

And that’ll do it! Stay tuned for the next episode where we show off even more wacky photo ideas and try things most politically-correct networks wouldn’t even dream of touching with a 10-foot pole; even I don’t know what’s coming! Adios!



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